Magdalena Giec, a designer's assistant in the process laboratory of the Katowice-based Biprometer, has quite an unconventional hobby. "She likes to fight". Ever since she can remember, she has been dreaming about practicing sports. As a little girl she used to go to work with her mother, where she spent entire afternoons in the gym. Already then she knew that sport would be her life-long passion, although her parents couldn't afford to pay for private karate classes, which was popular among young people at that time.

- I have always wanted to practice sports. I didn't make it with karate, so as soon as my mom heard that there was a judo / ju-jitsu club opening near my estate she took me there. I started taking regular classes. It was one of the happiest days of my life. My dream came true. I started training at Dragon Sosnowiec club, and after graduating from high school I moved to KS Budowlani Sosnowiec – recalls Magdalena Giec, who today boasts the most important trophies and international championship titles, although, as she herself remembers her sports career turned at one point to a different track - athletics, which she practiced as a student of the Polish Olympic Sports Gymnasium in Dąbrowa Górnicza.

Magdalena's passion became a family tradition, because upon her persuasion, her father Roman became a licensed ju-jitsu referee and now attends national competitions together with his daughter.

Athletics and combat sports are two different worlds. Why did you come back to ju-jistu? In middle school I was practicing athletics, but one day when my dad was going to ref a ju-jitsu competition I decided to go with him. I packed my kimono and went there, although I can honestly say that I didn't count on winning any high place. I knew that I hadn't trained for a long time. It turned out that I was the best one there. I realized that athletics is not for me. I went back to practicing ju-jitsu on a regular basis. I think that if it wasn't for this trip, my sporting career could have ended rather quickly. Today I know it's my passion and my life.

How does it feel to stand on a mat during either World or European Championships? It is a truly extraordinary experience. A few years ago, I was very much affected by it. Often the day before the competition, my stomach hurt from the nerves. I also remember the nights I could not sleep. Today I approach it with more distance, maybe also with a bit of a routine. I know that I have to go out on the mat and do my best to win. Then my eye flaps fall off and nothing else matters. Often I don't hear what's going on around me. There's just the desire to win again. It's just us: me and my opponent. But you have to remember that winning does not come easily. It is preceded by weeks of hard work. Preparations for the most important competitions take 3, sometimes even up to 4 months. At such time, the day starts with a work-out and ends with a work-out. Between the two I rush to work. I come home about 8-9 pm dreaming of a warm bed. To achieve success you have to devote yourself and train on 100% - adds the champion.

So, how can you reconcile professional work with your work-outs or going to competitions? It is not easy, indeed, but thanks to the favorable view of my superiors, I am able to reconcile these two worlds. I started my work at BIPROMEC in 2018 as an intern during my studies at the Silesian University of Technology in Katowice, Faculty of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy. Currently, I am a designer's assistant in the process room and I participate in a very important project conducted for KGHM. Work is as important to me as sport. In work, I fulfill my professional ambitions and take everything I do very seriously. I am glad that right after graduation I was able to start working for a company with such great achievements, which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year.

We are currently designing an installation for Legnica Copper Smelter to remove arsenic and mercury from gases before installing Solinox. This is a very important task carried out as part of a major project by KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. adjusting its production facilities to European BAT requirements. My team is responsible for the part related to mercury - the calomel node. This is an interesting challenge. I am happy to participate in such a responsible project and comprise a part of it.


Working at BIPROMEC allows me to fulfill my sports passions. At the beginning of each year I know more or less the schedule of the most important competitions and I try to plan my work leave based on this schedule. The flexible approach of my superiors and management staff are helpful as well.

A plethora of such great achievements. How about sponsors? Unfortunately, it is not football or tennis where there is a lot of money and sponsorship. To pursue my passion and achieve the best results I have to invest my own money. Of course, the Polish Ju-Jitsu Association pays for the trips to the competitions, but our biggest problem is the lack of a physiotherapist and physician. We have to ensure this on our own. During the competitions, even of the ones of highest rank, we often use the courtesy of other teams and their doctors.

An athlete of KS Budowlani Sosnowiec, multiple Champion of Poland, Champion of Europe and Vice-Champion of the World in ju-jitsu in the fighting category, she is satisfied with the choice of her sporting career. She stresses that "if you do what you like, then some inconveniences and lack of time are not important". Magdalena Giec holds 10 Polish Champion titles and dozens of gold, silver and bronze medals, including the most important ones from the European Championships (gold 2019 - Romania) and World Championships (silver 2019 - Abu Dhabi). Currently, in the rankings in her weight category, she occupies the 1st place in Europe and 2nd in the world. Magdalena Giec is also a licensed referee. We wish to congratulate her on such great achievements so far and wish her every future successes! 



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