In the Christmas period many employers organise occasional meetings, which offer a unique opportunity to thank employees for their commitment and work over the year. It is an opportunity to feast together and to build relationships with people who one does not work closely with on a daily basis. And such meetings are a tradition of BIPROMET, which for years has been looking after friendly, even family-like interpersonal relations among its employees.

On December 11th, the Management Board of BIPROMET invited the entire team to a Christmas meeting at the “Gwarek” restaurant in Katowice. The employees were greeted by the President of the Management Board Dariusz Kubiak, who thanked them for accepting the invitation and for attending the meeting. 

- In our Polish tradition, the pre-Christmas period is a time of reflection on what is already behind us and what still lies ahead. On the occasion of the upcoming holidays, I would like to wish you good health, warm family relations, cheerfulness, as well as rest from everyday, often stressful work in the privacy of your homes surrounded by your loved ones - said the President.

Vice President of the Management Board Maria Sowiak joined in the wishes and thanked employees for their commitment over the past year.

There will still be time for an in-depth summary, today let us celebrate and have fun knowing we have done our job well, bearing in mind that we have other big challenges ahead of us and already today, on behalf of the Board, I ask for even greater commitment so that we can overcome them – added the Vice President.

During the festive dinner, friendly bonds were strengthened in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.


Christmas meeting

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