Establishment of a Research and Development Centre for modelling and optimization of technological processes of non-ferrous metals


Description and scope:

Service: Contract Engineer

The task was carried out over a period of a few years in four stages, including installation of a test furnace with filters, construction of boilers for the refining process, construction of a modern battery scrap processing plant, and construction of the company's headquarters with a research and development centre. BIPROMET was the deputy investor. Scope of responsibilities and services: organization of the construction process, construction management, preparation and supervision over the implementation schedule, multi-discipline technical control of the construction, comprehensive coordination of works carried out by contractors, keeping documentation for the construction, assessment and verification of technical documentation, organizing acceptance, cooperation with the Investor during the final stage of the investment with obtaining the permit to use the modernized plant.

Objective and result:

Construction and modernization of the existing metallurgical plant, making modern production and research infrastructures, expansion of the plant’s technological possibilities, providing the technological line with successive stages of battery scrap processing, improvement of production conditions and its efficiency.

Location: Piekary Śląskie, Polska

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